Patrick Timmons: Journalism (2002 to 2018)

The Guardian’s Zero Tolerance Project, 15 and 16 October 2018

3,121 desperate journeys: exposition a week of chaos under Trump’s zero tolerance.
— Olivia Solon, Julia Carrie Wong, Pamela Duncan, Margaret Katcher, Patrick Timmons, and Sam Morris.

‘We are going to die from sadness’: the fathers and sons reunited behind bars
— sole byline: a rare look inside Karnes Residential Family Detention Center, owned by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and operated by GEO Group.

También publicado en español:
‘Vamos a morir de tristeza’: los padres y sus hijos se reunieron tras las rejas.

On a bridge between borders, asylum seekers linger in painful limbo
— sole byline: a visit to the International Bridge between Matamoros and Brownsville and the Cubans waiting to get into the United States to claim asylum.

In English

For (United Press International) — Immigration, Border, & Mexico Correspondent

Across Mexico border from safe El Paso, violence surges in Juárez
23 January 2019

Millions in Mexico City face week-long water outage
30 October 2018

Mexico no ‘safe third country’ for refugees
29 October 2018

Cross border life in Juárez, El Paso: Work, family — and long waits
24 October 2018

U.N. Report: Detaining migrant children harms their mental health
19 October 2018

ICE relying on jails and prisons to net illegal immigrants
18 October 2018

Separated immigrant families get brief hug at New Mexico border
13 October 2018, reported from El Paso

Opium legalization favored by Mexico’s defense chief.
11 October 2018, reported from Mexico City

Crackdown at U.S.-Mexico Border shows asylum system in crisis
8 October 2018

U.S. seeks to reduce waivers for immigration fees
4 October 2018

El Paso border wall rises at place once marked by unity
2 October 2018

Salvadoran asylum seeker’s case shows how ICE prolongs detention
26 September 2018

HHS to spend $360M to triple size of ‘tent city’ for migrant children
20 September 2018

Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke on migrant separations: “This cannot be us.”
17 September 2018

On other side of border, Mexico detaining thousands of migrant children
17 September 2018

Africans migrants surge at U.S.-Mexican border; Rio Grande drownings up 
4 September 2018

Mexico facing two-year backlog as asylum requests soar
31 August 2018

Jailed Mexican governor’s confiscated art collection on display
28 August 2018

“Prosecutors say accused trafficker linked to Texas, Mexican cartels”
19 July 2018

“Alleged Sinaloa Cartel Lieutenant Waives Court Appearances”
20 July 2018

“El Paso Five Case a Road Test for Prosecuting Migrants”
13 July 2018

“One Judge’s Quiet Struggle to Reunite Migrant Families”
6 July 2018

For The Guardian — The Crisis of Family Separation at the Border, 2018
19 June 2018
20 June 2018
22 June 2018
22 June 2018
24 June 2018
Also available in Spanish as:
10 July 2018

Various Outlets

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