Palestine: A Life (Fulan, Mission Street Arts)

Palestine: A Life by Fulan
in Kindle Books

<the epic of palestine’s patchwork lives> Meet Palestinian brothers Mohammad and Yusuf. In 1946 a hopeful Mohammad was in London, celebrating victory over fascism and being discharged from the British Army. At the time, Palestinians were fully integrated into the life of the British Empire. Then, in the post-war settlement, and the creation of Israel, things changed. Life quickened, with work, rupture, and death ever present.

Yusuf, Mohammad’s younger brother grew up with these changes. And is much less hopeful. Yusuf and Mohammad are both committed to Palestine’s struggle but become caught up in surviving in the new Middle East. Mohammad acts as he observes the British Army forcing Palestinians from their homes. Hope in flames.

And then there’s Muneeb. Mohammad’s son, the next generation. Where did he grow up? Palestine? Lebanon? Sabra and Shatila? Transported to the Yemen, a UN refugee, but with no refugee status. Surrounded by despair, how does he shake it?

Fulan’s Palestinian epic tells the story of this family with startling images and in sparkling prose. This work of fiction gets to the heart of what it means to be Palestinian in a world where Palestine has all but disappeared…


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